Powerscreen Beachflag Set

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BEACH-Flag-Set: Flag / cross foot & water filleable tyre

Beachflag with POWERSCREEN Logo 
Flag seemed at borders, provided with black facing ribbon
at rod sides
Flage size: approx. 87 x 245 cm 

Stand consisting of single pluggable parts
Wall thickniss of aluminium 1,5 mm
Stand diameter approx. 28 mm

Including cross foot for beachflag suitable for
interior use
Made of black powder-coated steel
Profile width: 30 mm
Length: approx. 70 cm
Weight: approx. 2,1 kg
Including rotating joint

Including water filled tyre up to 12 l

Cross foot adding water filled tyre suitable for
outdoor use as well

Customs tariff no.: 55132100
Country of Origin: China

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